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Version 2.1.1


  • [new] generate selected file if no element are checked in the treeview

  • [bug] start crash if .adgen folder don’t exist

  • [bug] start crash if some configurations keys aren’t defined

  • [bug] problem to open about dialog if there is no browser defined

  • [bug] expand treeview crash if no element is selected

Version 2.1.0

  • A graphic user interface to manage your site as been added
    Normaly, there is no change in the command usage ;)

  • There is now two ways to launch ADGen:

    • adgen.py to use the command line

    • adgengui.py to launch the graphical version

  • In order to use the graphical version , you need to have at least *PyGtk 2.0*
    Instructions to install PyGtk on Windows can be found in the PyGtk official website

  • The tag editor in the file adgen.conf was added.
    This tag is used by the gui to edit selected file.

    Tip Double clic on treeview file to edit it

There is no documentation for the gui usage at this time.

The documentation will be completed for the next major release (as soon as possible after the release of AsciiDoc 9.x )

Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed -N option don’t work

  • Added check Python version

Version 2.0.0


In this release, the configuration file was splitted in 3 distinct files:

  • adgen.conf is the ADGen global configuration file (in your $HOME/.adgen folder)

  • ftp.conf is the configuration file for ftp access (in your $HOME/.adgen folder)

  • adgen.xml for the project configuration (in the ADGen launch folder). This file can always be defined at launch with the command line -c.

Projects configurations files prior ADGen 2.0 stay usable but you must at least configure the adgen.conf file.

  • AsciiDoc 8.2.1 support

  • Change the execution command from upper to lower case (ADGenadgen)

  • Automatic creation of basic configuration files (adgen.conf, ftp.conf and adgen.xml)

  • Changes in the project configuration file (adgen.xml):

    1. Now isNumbered possible values are: true, false, toc, notoc, none, toc_<level>, tag not defined

      • 'true' or 'notoc' if sections of the document must be numbered

      • 'toc' to have table of content and numbered sections

      • 'toc_<level>' to have table of content with specified number of title levels (1..4)

      • 'false', 'none' or 'tag not defined' will not create a table of content.

    2. isSimulFrame is now optional, in this case the traditional layout is used (like false value)

    3. treeNode tag is now optional

  • New command lines options:

    • -N / --newproject
      Create new project configuration file in the current folder (adgen.xml) or in the folder specified with -c option

    • -o / --output
      Allow to override the project tag rootHtml (can be absolute path or relative to rootText path)

    • ‘-d / --deploymode`
      Allow to override the ftp deploy mode (values: 'text’, 'web' or 'all')